In the beginning I started to consider photography as the most personal medium to express my admiration to the beauty of the outdoors. For me, it’s more than just the art of using the ‘technology’, but a lifetime investment on how to respond to what my soul longs for, which is being able to capture something far beyond what the eyes can see.

Back then, I was as a volunteer at Gede Pangrango National Park in West Java, where I developed echo-tourism and educational programs. During my work time there, I met with a highly professional foreign documentary team who inspired me to learn more about photography.  Sometimes later I studied about the subject at the Jakarta Art Institute or Institute Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) and developed a final project about Javan Hawk Eagle, which has led me back to that park.

I started to enter the professional scenes when I started to handle most of Indonesia’s most prominent movies as a still photographer. To name a few I have worked on the sets of Denias, Jakarta Undercover, Quickie Express, Java Heat, Sang Penari, Catatan Harian Si Boy, Arisan 2, including Joko Anwar’s Kala ,Modus Anomali  and Pintu Terlarang, and also Edwin’s Kara Anak Sebatang Pohon that has been screened  at Cannes.

These days, ErieknJuragan Movie Works & Studio is proud to be able to develop commercial and corporate projects, which includes an A-Z creative service to meet the further needs of the clients, while grasping the most advanced technology required by the business.

We have also expanded to another category of business called Neo EJ Wedding which  concentrates on couples, family and wedding photography, seizing the personal joy found in such unions through our savoir-faires and lenses.

I would like to convey my credits to a solid team of digital imaging artists, graphic designers and strategic creative and marketing people, and not to forget a line-up of some of the best photographer associates there are, also to our clients and other stakeholders who have supported the development of the business.

Further, I believe in regeneration, that is why I participate and organize exhibitions and seminars to share my knowledge to the younger generation of photography enthusiasts in the country.

Let’s dive!

Eriekn Juragan

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